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  • Research Quality at a Hand-held Price
  • 8 Decade Dynamic Range of Optical Analysis
  • Meter & Sensors with NIST Traceable ISO17025 Accredited Calibration
  • Hand-held, Compact, Ergonomic Design
  • Brilliant 4.3” Touch Screen Display
  • 90° Screen Rotation for Landscape and Portrait Viewing
  • ILT’s Accuspan: Auto-ranging with Smart Averaging
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery Lasts Up to 8 Hours
  • Backwards Compatible with ILT1700 Sensors
  • Measurement Speeds Up to 100 μSeconds
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Instrument Configuration & OEM Inquiries Welcome



The ILT2400 is the most advanced hand held light meter and optometer on the market today. ILT’s Accuspan software automatically sets the averaging while rapidly measuring over 8 decades of light intensities.  The internal software allows customers to capture a peak as brief as 100μS and to store up to 16 readings per second.  The color display works in both landscape and portrait mode.

The ILT2400 supports numerous light measurement applications including Audience Scanning Laser Safety, General Purpose Light Measurements, Research, Sterilization/UVGI, Solar, Photoresist – lithography, Optical Radiation Hazard, Phototherapy, Photo-Degradation, PPF & PPFD Plant Studies, and more.

ILT manufactures the ILT2400 and software in the USA at ILT's Peabody, MA facility which allows ILT to rapidly customize system components to meet the needs of our customers and OEMs.

ILT2400 optical measurement systems include an ILT2400, carrying case, software and customer configured detector/filter/optic and calibration. ILT2400 optical measurement systems allow direct reading in the appropriate empirical units including; lux, foot-candles, candela, lumens, watts, W/cm2, cd/m2, foot-lamberts, nits, etc. The ILT2400 and software are compatible with most Windows 7 and Windows 8 computers 




  • 7 Decade DynamicRange
  • 0.2% LInearity
  • 20 Decade Dose Integration Range
  • Smart Detectors
  • Direct Reading in any Optical Units
  • User-Friendly Alphanumeric Display
  • Darkroom Hold Button
  • Simple Operating Buttons
  • Hand Held - Completely Portable
  • Battery Operated
  • Analog Recorder Output (0-1 volt)
  • Optional Printer / Computer Port
  • Automatic Zeroing
  • Automatic Ranging
  • Automatic Shutoff




Front Panel Controls:

Programmable Features:

The 'ZERO' button allows the automatic subtraction of any undesired background light. This convenient function is necessary for accurate readings, since ambient and scattered light can contribute significantly to the overall reading.

The 'SIGNAL' button selects direct measurement mode, including automatically selected range and units. This operating mode is used for measuring the instantaneous intensity of a light source, with the reading updated every 1/2 second, autoranging over a seven decade dynamic range.

The 'INTEGRATE' button alternately selects between two 5 decade dynamic range integration modes, 'HI' and 'LO', also with auto-ranging and auto-units. Integration is used to measure the 'dose' or sum of all light reaching the detector over time. The IL1400A is capable of exposure integrations of up to 24 hours in duration.

The 'HOLD' button freezes the display to hold darkroom readings or to terminate / pause an exposure integration.
This feature makes it much more convenient to take readings in the dark. Pressing the 'HOLD' button also tells the computer to send data to the optional TTL printer.

The 'ON/OFF' button is complemented by an automatic shut-off feature for prolonged battery life, which can be optionally defeated for special long duration measurements.

The 32 character alphanumeric LCD continuously displays data with full units and the present mode of operation.
Easy to understand messages such as 'LOW BATTERY' and 'over range' also appear to indicate error situations, and to guide the user through the program mode.

The menu driven Programming Mode allows experienced users to customize many of the IL1400A's features. The auto shut-off can be optionally defeated in this mode (temporarily or permanently) for long duration measurements.

The preprogrammed units and calibration factor can also be changed in this mode, allowing custom recalibration to a relative standard, or conversion to a different set of units. The IL1400A stores the new calibration and units information in the individual detector's internal memory.

The original N.I.S.T. traceable calibration information is stored permanently in a view-only menu screen, that cannot be altered by the user. The individual detector's serial number, manufacture date, most recent calibration date, and range limitations can also be viewed in the program mode.



Dynamic Range: 10 pA to 350 uA.
Input Impedance: Virtual ground (summing node of op-amp).
Linearity: ±0.2%, ±1 digit on low end.
Input Power: 4 'AA' alkaline batteries, 26 mA, battery eliminator available as an option.
Battery Life: 36 hours continuous operation.
TTL Output: 0 to 5 volts.
Recorder Output: 408 Ω impedance, 100 to 1000 mV, ranging every decade, current limited.
Size: 185 mm x 100 mm x 43 mm (7.3" x 3.9" x 1.7").
Weight: 0.55 kg (1.2 lbs.).



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