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IL393 UVILT 400   ILT 490 IL1747   IL1447   IL1745   IL1445   IL290/IL390 








  • Largest measurement range at 4.5 decades
  • Device ID - store up to 20 unique source IDs
  • Customizable with user-programmable settings
  • 3000 samples per second
  • Measure pulsed and continuous sources
  • Store/Recall up to 1000 profiles
  • Solid-state sensors with linear response
  • Temperature measurement
  • UV resistant housing
  • Low battery warning
  • Made in USA
  • ISO17025 
  • Custom & OEM inquiries welcome


The ILT800 CureRight is a feature-rich profiling UV radiometer that delivers unmatched flexibility and capability not found in any other system.  The ILT800 Radiometer meets a broad range of applications across a variety of light measurement needs.  The system has been designed with the varying needs of its users in mind, and can be configured and customized to your unique environment.


The ILT800 CureRight series is designed to measure and validate all types of UV curing methods and sources including conveyor, belt, oven, flood, area, spot, 3D printing, pulsed and traditional UV lamps, and UV/VIS LEDs and LED light sources.


The ILT800 CureRight system outperforms the competitors with features such as profiling of current/previous/stored measurements, ability to monitor, measure, view and export the date, time, temperature, irradiance, dose, cal due date, model and serial number, and battery status.   User programmable settings include minimum light level threshold, lamp-to-lamp measurement interval (delay), time to auto shutoff, and auto/manual/live measurement modes.  The ILT800 is the only radiometer with Device ID which allows users to program up to 20 unique system/source information, allowing users to store and export baselines and historical data for all their curing stations in one economically priced meter.  





The Ultimate Diagnostic Tool


For Conveyor-Based UV Curing




The revolutionary IL393UV is the first UV
analyzer to combine dosage measurements,
for ensuring product quality, with system
diagnostics in one simple, automated package.









Run Time System Diagnostics

International Light's exclusive Uniformity View graphically shows the absolute performance of each lamp subassembly in your system. A stored reference plot allows you to compare, on-the-spot, the current performance of the system with your standard operating parameters. There is no need to go to a computer station or to run complicated software.




UV Dosage
Maximum Irradiance
Irradiance Profile
System Performance Monitoring



Complete, easy to understand, run-time analysis of your process and equipment at the press of a single button


The IL393UV, built on the solid foundation of its predecessors, the IL290 and IL390, maintains all of the excellent optical and signal processing capabilities that have made these instruments the industry standards in sensitivity, accuracy, ease of use, and ruggedness. The IL393UV improves on these versions by adding sophisticated run-time system diagnostics.

As the IL393UV passes through the oven it acquires the maximum irradiance at every point along the curing path. It then shows this information as a graph of irradiance vs position allowing the operator to instantly see the uniformity of the product illumination.

By recalling a stored a baseline run, the IL393UV provides both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the current run. This information is provided automatically and immediately on-the spot.

The IL393UV is available in two standard versions and may be supplied with custom filtration upon request.



International Light, Inc. makes a broad range of UV process monitoring radiometers, including handheld models, extended probe models for flexographic systems, and spectroradiometers. International Light, Inc. also manufactures UV hazard monitors and photometers for OSHA compliance. Please contact to us for further information on these and our full line of NIST traceable radiometric systems and accessories.


The baseline run, B, took 126 seconds. Maximum irradiance was 271mW/cm2.




The current run, C, shows that the middle lamp has reduced irradiance but the others have maintained their output levels.



The difference display shows that there were 7 days between the reference and current run. The middle bulb has lost 32% of its output energy.




Dose Range

1mJ/cm2 to 20J/cm2

Intensity Range

1mW/cm2 to 20W/cm2

Cosine Receptor

Integrating Cavity

Temperature Range


Out of Band Rejection

Typically better than 6%


Graphic with 4 significant digits


Maximum irradiance
Irradiance uniformity profile

Information Displayed

Reference profile
Difference profile

Spectral Ranges

205nm to 345nm     IL393UV-C
250nm to 400nm     IL393UV


0.5 x 4.4 x 6.3”
12.7mm x 111mm x 161mm
0.75lbs 0.34Kg


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